Sunday, January 22, 2006

Okay, Paula.... I am trying to add something to give John and Alex a break. I couldn't remember my log in or password. That is why I haven't responded.

Let us see.... John has been at the Pentagon the last 4 days. He gets back tonight. Dani got a job at a daycare and works from 4-6 everyday after school. Alex is still running on her own, just staying in shape for next year. CJ is playing indoor soccer and just got contacts. I have lost 5 pounds this week, and plan on losing a whole lot more soon. John still has a killer body. Ummmm, let me think, if I have any other news. ....Ashley is skinny and Kendall is gorgeous and Brian is lucky. He has a hot wife and a gorgeous baby. I mean she is so so so darn cute.

Oh yeah, we got forked today. Pretty cute. Girls loved it. They thought they knew who did it but were mistaken. So, now the hunt is on to figure out who "done it".