Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Opening Ceremony

Here is my gorgeous husband at the Opening Ceremony.

Here is the whole US delegation, there are some athletes and some delegates. You can be the judge....

This is Kathy and Grant. Grant is on John's team. He is the one of the second most handsome athletes in the whole competition.

Here are Trey, Mike, Ben and Larry, the other second most gorgeous men on the team.....

There were some interesting uniforms, especially hats from the other countries. This was the fanciest....

Some of the guys couldn't stay awake......Trey fell asleep on the way there, but just look at the General....... he was falling asleep standing in in line for the group picture.

Tomorrow is the beginning. The Rifle Shoot is in the morning and the Pistol Shoot is in the afternoon. I am going to try to get some good pictures, but we will see. I will let you know.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

I'm Taking Over

Ok...so Mom just left for Latvia and I too have been waiting for her to update this thing. Seeing as she won't be back for a while, I am taking things into my own hands. By the way, this is Dani. Alex just got back from GSP and she had a BLAST!! She was sad to leave and made some great friends.

Alex and four of her girl friends decided to dance to a Backstreet Boys song for the talent show. They dressed up as guys...alex got Howie...she looked so gross. It doesnt even look like my gorgeous sister in the pictures. A group of them also got into a huge mud fight and they were covered head to foot in caked on mud. She got close with her room mate, Kristen, too! (She is the one in the hooded, wet hair picture with Alex). We were all so excited to get her back. It was weird not having my best friend around for that long.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Grandpa John?

My posts have not been updated lately because I am out of town. But here are a few pics of John and his littlest girls.