Sunday, August 27, 2006

Stars of the Future

Four of Dani's new friends are in theater. Actually two of these are new friends, the first two went to high school with her. They came home for the weekend and we got busy. It is great. I have photo hams to shoot and they get head shots. The next four years will be fun. I have already seen them in action and they are going to do great!!
As you can see, even the the two teacher majors should be in theater.

Beautiful Girl

Alex and I were playing around this summer. I think she is so dang beautiful!! I am not so sure Daddy likes these pics. He did mention she may need to stop running if her legs were going to remain so gorgeous, so I don't think he like seeing these.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

And So The Busy Life Continues....

Dani is off to college. She is going to NKU. (Northern Kentucky University)

She is already having the time of her life. She has made new friends and is already bringing one home for the weekend. And so it begins.

We moved her into a dorm this past weekend and she started classes on Monday. I didn't take any pictures and she hasn't sent me any. Perhaps she will read this and send me some.
edited: She did.

Alex and CJ started school also this week. Alex in 11th grade, CJ in 7th. Alex's cross country has already started, as well as CJ's soccer. They are both doing great and seem to be enjoying school as much as possible. ha Alex is keeping busy with yearbook things.