Friday, December 28, 2007

We are home!

Well, we are home. We got home last night and I was just too tired to put pictures on here. I am at work today, but will try to add pics tonight. Or one of my kids may see this and add a few pics. (edited to say pics have been added.)

We had a fantastic time. We skied, snow tubed, skied, shopped, played Scene It (friends version - Dani is a pro), laughed, cried, went to movies and just had a fantastic time.

We knew it was supposed to snow us in Friday during the night, so we decided to celebrate XMas Sat. since we couldn't go anywhere. We just opened presents and hung out together that day, which was very nice. We got a lot of snow. It was awesome.

Everyone of our kids take to skiing so well, it is so exciting. The resort is real small, so the snow runs were not extremely long, but the nicest thing was there were usually no lines. On XMas day, we ran into lines for about 1.5 hours and that was it, usually we skied down and went right to the lift. Everyone of us could ski this resorts "Black Diamonds" which were not really black diamond, but it was fun to do it. CJ was fearless. He tucked in and went plowing straight down. He also learned to spray his Dad with his skis.

Ok.... falls, where should we start. Most of the time, we did not fall. I had 2, Dani had 1, Alex had 1, CJ had a few (as he would try to learn new things) and John had a ton (but only the day he tried snowboarding.) The girls falls were kind of stupid and funny. Alex fell once as she was getting off the ski lift. She had lost her ski and was trying to do it with one ski. They had to stop the lift and help her ... and she kept falling as he was helping her. Dani was getting on the lift with me beside her ( she was actually already sitting in the seat) and her pole got caught and her wrist was still in the strap, so she .... kind of fell out of the lift. It looked like she had done a face plant, but she didn't. We couldn't stop laughing. One of my falls was just because I was trying to be fancy and it didn't work. I then couldn't get myself up, the ski wouldn't let lose. The other fall was a bit more dramatic. I was standing behind my family waiting in the ski line and....... I was totally not paying attention and just lost my balance and fell down. The family turned around and there I was on the ground. It was pretty darn funny. It is so HARD getting up with skis on. John was there to help me, but it is still very hard.

Well, gotta get back to work. I will tell more later... Love and miss you all.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Let it Snow

This is us getting ready for our trip.

Let it snow Let it snow!!

I am a terrible blogger...

Okay, I am sorry, I am such a terrible blogger. I followed Ashley's example and added the site meter and all it does is make me feel bad when I see people looking and seeing no change. Uuugghh

Okay, since I have no new pics to really share, I will tell you what we have planned for XMas,

We are going to a cabin in Wisconsin Dells to a privately owned ski resort named Christmas Mountain Village. It will just be the 5 of us and we will be family bonding. We will ski, tube, play games, watch movies, laugh, cry, fight. ha Open XMas presents and just have a fun time being together. We are very excited!!

We have friends staying at our house housesitting for us and taking care of the dog and getting the mail.

I have almost finished XMas shopping and am so ready for some downtime with the family. Dani comes home from college tomorrow. She will be finished with midterms and ready for a month break. I love that girl. Alex and CJ get finished Tuesday next week and are ready for their winter break.

Tata for now!