Sunday, July 27, 2008

Some New Pics Finally

Okay, I have been out of it because I had a freak accident a week ago Wednesday. I was trying to get to a cookbook on a shelf and I stood on a rolling desk chair. Yep, you guessed it, it rolled and I fell. I landed on both hands and sprained them very badly. They xrayed them twice thinking they might be broken. I have been wearing a brace on both hands and haven't been able to drive or do much of anything. I couldn't even hold a blowdryer in my hands (picture John or CJ holding a blowdryer in the air while I try to blowdry my hair.) Today is much better and I was actually able to download my pics from my surprise quick trip to Florida.

My trip came about one morning when I heard from Uncle Ed that he was going to surprise my Mom and drive down to see her. I asked if he had 2 more seats available and Cj and I hitchhiked. It was a quick but great visit and I came back with a few cute pics. I didn't take as many as usual, since I wasn't there that long.

Most of you know the gorgeous babies in the pics. More pics on my other site.

Will try to be better.