Thursday, July 27, 2006

Pensacola Beach

Well, we are in P'Cola, having a great time. The highlight of the trip so far has been the survivor game we surprised Sara with for her 40th bday. We had 2 days of great fun and challenges. Nancy actually ended up the "Ultimate Survivor". Who would have known that she would end up so tough? ha

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Home at Last

Okay, I am sorry I haven't written before now. Life was crazy at the end there and it was hard to get on the internet. John's team didn't do as well as they would have liked. They finished 15th overall. They are used to doing much better and certainly had the potential to win. But, to put it in the new terminology we learned. they HFA (had fun anyway). Of course, this competition is not about having fun and the things they take away from this event will stay with them forever. The other USA team took first place in the First Aid Competition, so with swimming and that, we made our mark at least.
Well, gotta run to work now, but just wanted to update. I have about a thousand pics uploading now and will have to organize it when I get home tonight, so it will be easier to look at. It is kind of crazy and mixed up right now.
Til later, Lorie

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Swimming Champions

Okay… today is over and it was quite a day. The guys didn’t finish as well in the land obstacle course as they would have liked, but they still did well. They did much better in the swim obstacle, taking 1st place in the event. You can see in the picture how happy they were!! At this point they are in 9th place overall. Of course, they would like to be in better position, but most of the teams in the top 10 are very close. They should do well in the orienteering event tomorrow. We are leaving around 6:30 to make sure we don’t miss them taking off. They really don’t leave until 8AM from where ever they take them and we hope they will be done by 10:30AM. They will also have to do grenade throwing, map distance reading and one other thing tomorrow that is worth points. Keep your fingers crossed.

I have made more friends again this year. I have remet some from Spain and made new ones. I particularly like the Danish teams, as well as a German team and a Spanish team. Very, very nice people. There doesn’t appear to be much organization here in Italy and we don’t see a social planned after the award ceremony tomorrow night. The Spanish have invited the “gringos” to there room for a celebration. That may be fun!!

We may skip the big Gala Ball on Sat. night and just go into Rome for the day. We may get a hotel in Rome and just enjoy it up. We are actually in Viterbo and it is an hour and a half away.

Well, will write more later. Love to all. Remember pictures are at

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


John shot already and they did well. They didn't do as well as they like, but we will see. When a fourth of the team was done shooting, they were in 1st place. I will let you know this evening where they stand. He will do the land obstacle course before noon and the water one between 2 and 4. They will then do there first aid skills test.

I will post a pic tonight of them with their guns. Though I was unable to go, John was a good boy and took his camera. I have taught him well.

We went to grocery store today to buy them peanut butter and jelly and bread to have in their room. They get food, but the bread is very hard and it is not quite enough to fillup our growing
American boys. The PB is oily and not very sweet, but it will do just fine.

The Italians won their game in the World Cup last night and they cleebrated into the night. I kept getting woke up by the honking, yelling and police sirens. They were very happy!!!

The men really look at all the women as you walk by. Not discreet at all. We are kind of getting used to it. It is kind of funny. I think they are getting used to seeing the American women whipping all around.

John and team are napping right now and then we are going to go look at the course for tomorrow. They are getting themselves pshyched up.


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Talk from Italy

I made it to Rome and was picked up by Grant’s wife, Kathy and Brian, one of the other competitors. I got there and then we waited another hour for Larry, the last of the competitors to make it. Brian had a fun time driving home on the crazy roads with the crazy Italian drivers. We have nicknamed him Mario. That is why I took a picture of the back of his head while driving. Memories. John and Grant were practicing and not able to come, but they took me straight to the base and I got to get great hugs on arrival. By John and many other cute, fit competitors. Various nationalities. Nice!!

I am driving in Italy now.... I am proud of myself!!

The three wives went to Rome o Monday. We were going to be late to catch the train and this old Italian man was telling us how to walk around to get to the station. Then he realized the train was almost there and he said what we are pretty sure was the equivalent to “screw it – run across the tracks” and started yelling “go, go , go!” So, the three American girls ran across 4 train tracks to be able to catch the train. It was kind of scary and fun at the same time.

I visited St. Peter’s Church at the Vatican and the Sisteen Chapel. St. Peters was awesome!!!! It is just amazing and has so much history. Peter is actually buried under it. His bones were found in 1940, when they were doing some repair work. His feet were cut off as they probably cut his feet off to get him off the cross. They crucified him upside down on the cross. There was also a church that has always said they had a piece of his skull. When they found these bones, the piece fit perfectly. It is so cool.

Tonight was opening ceremonies. Tomorrow John shoots. Thursday is the obstacle course. Friday is the orienteer day. Grant, John and Larry are on one team. They should do real well. Larry is a big guy like John and is very athletic. Darryl is on another team with Joel and Brian. I think they will be a good team too.

Well, will hopefully be able to tell good news tomorrow after the shooting events. Cross your fingers!!!

See pictures on my other site. See link to Lorie's Pictures on right.