Monday, September 15, 2008

We Have Electricity and Repair of Yard is Underway!

Most of you have read Paula and Greg's Blog and saw that we were hit by the winds of the hurricane. It was quite funny that we were watching and hoping they wouldn't get hit too bad, and they only got a half inch of rain. Then the winds made it up here and did major damage. Quite rediculous, actually.

Schools were closed today and will be closed tomorrow also. Even I didn't have to go to work and I ALWAYS have to go to work. There is always office work to do at schools, but if there is NO electricity and NO phone, there is really nothing we can do.

We were the lucky few. Our electricity came back on at 4:30 this morning. They said there were over 300,000 without electircity yesterday. They restored 85,000 and there are still 215,000 without electricity. 62 out of 90 electrical substations have been damaged. Many of our friends still do not have electricity. We gave Ed and Francey our generator and they loaned us their chainsaw and help today. John's chainsaw broke and we definitely needed one. Some of our neighbor men also came over and helped cut down and pile up branches and trees. CJ was an amazing help. As you can see even little Talley was really helpful.

We did not get an ounce of rain, it was weird. Funny this thing gave us as much trouble as we had in the past in Florida. Thank God we didn't get hit full force by the big thing.

Okay, family in Indiana and

Cincinnati, how are you doing? Were you hit bad?


  1. We lost electricity also. Got it back about 8:30 pm Sunday. Lost lots of limbs out of our trees, shingles, but all in all we were fortunate. Sarah, in Lewisport,Ky is still out of power and were trying to get a generator last night. They lost some trees but no structural damage. One positive, I was wondering how I was going to pick the apples which were ready and "WaLa", they are on the ground and easily picked:) The plums too. Jessica still has no power in Ohio, There is no ice or gas to be had where she is. This was unreal, all that wind and no rain, storms or anything else...amazing. Everyone take care

  2. Dani lost power overnight, but got it the next morning. She has no internet.

    Glad everything there is okay. Good luck to Sarah, I hope she can find a generator. Our friend here called around to all the cities within an hour and everybody was all sold out! It is really crazy!!

  3. We also lost power Sunday, but it was back by Sunday night. We lost several trees, a lot of large limbs, and the roof off our tree house. There was also damage to most of our barns...doors blown off, roofing torn up, etc., but the animals were all okay. Luckily, we had no damage to our house and no one here was hurt, although Stan was outside as the tree house roof blew off. It flew right by him! School is still out today because they don't want the buses on the roads due to all the downed power lines. Quite a mess!


  4. We had it way up here too! There are still people near us that don't have electricity but luckily we didn't have any damage or big trees down. Love you guys

  5. As a whole, we are a very luck family. Sounds like a lot of clean up for everyone!!