Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Aunt Bev!

Aunt Bev is turning 60 in December and was she surprised last night.

She thought she was coming to Aunt Debbie and Uncle Jimmy's surprise wedding anniversay party. Here is when everyone started yelling surprise and she was laughing because she thought the yelling was supposed to be for them.
This is when her sister is telling her Happy Birthday and that the party is actually for her (Does she look shocked or what?

This is her kicking her sister for tricking her like that:
She doesn't hold a grudge for long. Apparently Debbie and Judy were the master minds behind the whole thing. I love this family and the love that is always shown at all these get togethers!!

Happy Birthday Aunt Bev!! We love you!!

The rest of the pictures are uploading to my smugmug site, they should be done soon!

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