Saturday, November 22, 2008

These Gorgeous Boys Are My Cousins!!

Last night at Aunt Bev's party, I got to see lots of cousins. But some don't see me enough to remember me, so I thought I would post his picture here, so he can see he REALLY IS my cousin!

This is Matthew. He is actually my Double First Cousins grandchild. For those not in the family, don't ask, for those that are.... you understand.

Matthew, next time you see me I expect you to run give me a hug and a kiss, okay!?

This is Michael! He is gorgeous too! He was also so very busy last night he didn't even see me at all. I managed to grab a kiss to the top of his little buzzed head while he was pausing with Dad for a minute.
See you soon boys!!! I love you!!


  1. Matthew just smiled really big when I showed him this post.
    He said, "My cousin, from the party?"
    "Yes, the one who came over and gave you lots of hugs but you didn't talk to!"
    "Oh...but how did she get me on there?"
    "Just like I do. Take a picture and put it on there."
    " time I think I will say hi. (Pause) Maybe."

    Lorie he is have almost got him!!

  2. I will make him fall!! I thought this was a way to speed up the process!! ha